Time flies, don't delay your test automation needs. We code, deliver and handover to you

Test Automation Fest

Our highly skilled and experienced consultants can remotely automate your test cases. We are ready to provide you the best practices and experiences in the software testing world.

You define your goals, and we simply do it!

We code the test cases with Cucumber & Ruby

Deliver code & Documentation

Test case definition

Code is delivered in a Git repository and you have the documentation how to run it

How it works?



Accordingly we define your test cases using BDD(Behavior-Driven Development) format a.k.a. GIVEN-WHEN-THEN (Gherkin compliant)

We listen your needs and priorities. We give you feedback based on that.

In case you do not have a CI/CD Server, we provide you a Jenkins instance (one month) where you can run your automation

Technology Stack

Get started with one of our packages and go from there.

API or UI test cases

Customized to you

Design/Architectural Consultancy

Onsite training

Remote and onsite development

10 Selenium UI or API automated test cases development

Private Repository

Jenkins based builds


Starter Pack

Budget Pack

Simple, Fair Pricing


One project. Includes  collaboration effort with your team

50 Selenium UI or API automated test cases development

Jenkins based builds


2 hours on-site training

Unlimited projects. Includes  collaboration effort with your team

Enterprise Pack



One project. Includes  collaboration effort with your team


İbrahim Bakış / CTO

"We worked with kloia consultants to accelerate the startup by solving the bottlenecks and widening our vision towards DevOps"

What clients say

"We have benefited from kloia’s know-how on AWS and Docker during our DevOps journey which is still progressing..."

Mehmet Sinan Toktay / CTO


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